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Specialty Fertilizer

Phosphate solutions for use in liquid and granular commercial and consumer specialty fertilizer applications.
ICL technical phosphates are used extensively in consumer and greenhouse specialty fertilizers. Phosphorus is an essential plant nutrient, required for the storage and transfer of energy. It also plays a key role in early plant growth and development. Potassium phosphates (MKP, TKPP and others) allow the formulation of liquid and granular fertilizers. These phosphates dissolve readily in water and provide both phosphorus and potassium nutrient values. Phosphoric acid is recommended for specialty fertilizers in soluble form and high P2O5 analysis.

Products in

Product Info
Hemipotassium Phosphate Solid acid, fertilizer, acid cleaning, rust removal, milkstone removal, bonding agent in ceramics.
Monopotassium Phosphate Additive to fertilizer to provide phosphorus and potassium; potable water treatment; buffer systems: specialty ceramics.
Phosphoric Acid (35-85%) Phosphoric Acid (35 – 85) refers to phosphoric acid at various concentrations between 35 and 85% can be used. We offer specific grades of 35%, 36%, 50%, 70%, 75%, 80% and 85%.
Potassium Tripolyphosphate Potassium tripolyphosphate (KTPP) is a dispersant and sequestrant of very high solubility. Some of its applications inclde: pigment dispersion in latex emulsion paints and builder in liquid detergents.
Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate Buffering Agent, high solubility, nutrient source, corrosion & scale control.