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Flame Retardants for Intumescent Paints

A complete portfolio of ammonium polyphosphates.
​ICL offers a complete portfolio of ammonium polyphosphates with extensive application possibilities in fire prevention. Products of the PHOS-CHEK® family are efficient flame retardants for application in intumescent paints, coatings, polyolefins, polyurethanes, thermosets and more.

Take advantage of our non-halogenated flame retardants:

  • Efficient fire protection by generating intumescent systems
  • Lower toxicity of fumes
  • Reduced corrosivity of fumes thus improved preservation of structures
  • Good compatibility with dispersion or polymer
  • VOC-free

Products in

Product Info
Phos-Chek® 720 Aqueous ammonium polyphosphate solution, flame proofing for paper and textiles.
Phos-Chek® P30 Ammonium polyphosphate phase I powder.
Phos-Chek® P30-F Ammonium polyphosphate phase I powder with extraordinary fine particle size.
Phos-Chek® P42 Ammonium polyphosphate phase II.
Phos-Chek® P42-C Ammominum polyphosphate phase II coated.
Flame Retardants for Intumescent Paints

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