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Industrial Solutions

A versatile line of industrial products and solutions

We provide a versatile line of products and solutions to meet the needs of various demand industrial applications.


The broad product line offered by ICL provides phosphate product options to assist with ceramic processing needs ranging from dispersants, to fluxes, to bonding agents, to structural fillers and opacifying agents.

Multi-functional solutions for various construction applications.

Specifications for electronic-grade phosphoric acid require low levels of trace metals and particles in the production of high quality electronics.

Environmental Remediation
Phosphate and phosphoric acid solutions for environmental restoration and remediation.

Metal Cleaning and Treating
Metal cleaning solutions provide optimal conditions for post-treatment applications.

Polyphosphates improve the overall efficiency of many mining processes.

Motor Oil
Phosphorous Pentasulfide (P2S5) for use in anti-wear motor applications.

Paints and Coatings
Condensed phosphates for use in paints and coatings as dispersing agents, buffers and sequestrants. CALGON® and LOPON® specialities enrich the portfolio with different functionalities for the coatings industry.

Renewable Energy
Specialty phosphate salts and acids produced by ICL support the manufacture of emerging renewable energy applications.

Specialty Fertilizer
Phosphate solutions for use in liquid and granular commercial and consumer specialty fertilizer applications.

Textiles and Leather
Phosphates and specialty products are used in the cleaning, finishing, tanning and dyeing of textiles and leather.

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