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Specifications for electronic-grade phosphoric acid require low levels of trace metals and particles in the production of high quality electronics.

Electronic-grade phosphoric acids are pure forms of phosphoric acid used as etchants in semiconductor manufacturing. They can also serve as a dopant for certain types of photovoltaic production. These materials are used in the production of Flash Memory, and other IC production as well as photovoltaic applications, Fuel Cells, and FPD (Flat Panel Display) screens for computers, mobile phones and televisions. Electronic-grade materials have extremely rigid specifications for trace metals and particles for use in the production of high quality electronics. Advances in the electronics technology market require raw materials that meet these high purity requirements, and are obtained from committed, reliable suppliers like ICL who want to partner with companies involved in the industry.

Our products meet or exceed the various SEMI® (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) standards for phosphoric acids.

ICL Performance Products has a long history of service to the electronics industry and has become the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high purity phosphoric acids. ICL Performance Products LP is proud to be the only North American producer of ultra-high purity semiconductor grade phosphoric acid.

Products in

Product Info
LuminEtch® Purifed form of phosphoric acid for use in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and other specialty electronic applications.
PurEtch® Ultra high purity etching agent for semiconductor applications.
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