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Condensed phosphates enhance the structural integrity of gypsum wallboards.
Condensed phosphates can be used in various stages of the manufacturing process of gypsum boards and other gypsum-derived products. ICL phosphates like sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP), sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) and sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) act as dispersants for the calcium sulfate slurries and enhance the structural integrity of gypsum boards. Another condensed ICL phosphate, sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP), can be used in some board compositions to further enhance their structural integrity. TARGON® CP granules and powder with a particle size of 99 % < 200 µm are used as processing aids for gypsum plaster board production to prevent shrinking.

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Product Info
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Sequestration, deflocculation, corrosion inhibitor, chelation of calcium and iron.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Attributes: sequestration, deflocculation, infinitely soluble, corrosion inhibitor, and the chelation of calcium and iron.
Sodium Trimetaphosphate Used in the manufacture of gypsum boards, starch modification and other applications.
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) is a very effective sequestering and dispersing agent. It finds application in many industrial applications, including cleaning, water treatment, and many others.
TARGON® CP Additive for production of gypsum plaster boards, based on cyclic phosphates. Available as powder or granulate.
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) is an effective sequestrant and dispersing agent used in detergents, clay processing, drilling muds, cements, water conditioning, textile processing, paper manufacturing, bleach bath stabilizer and metal cleaners.