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Specialty Cements

A wide material selection is available to support specialty phosphate cement formulations.
​New customer developments in specialty cements, from fast setting restoration cement applications to bioceramics are made possible by the various phosphate product salts and grades offered by ICL. Specialty grades of monopotassium phosphate (MKP) and hemipotassium phosphate (HKP) provide the desired reactions needed in fast-setting magnesium phosphate based systems. Dimagnesium phosphate is also used as a reaction control modifier in some magnesium phosphate cement systems. ICL’s full product offering of calcium phosphates provide maximum flexibility in the manufacturing of many bioceramic based cements and products.

Products in

Product Info
Hemipotassium Phosphate Solid acid, fertilizer, acid cleaning, rust removal, milkstone removal, bonding agent in ceramics.
Monopotassium Phosphate Additive to fertilizer to provide phosphorus and potassium; potable water treatment; buffer systems: specialty ceramics.