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ICL Performance Products

ICL Performance Products
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UHT Milk, Cream and Coffee Creamers

ICL phosphate specialties improve consistency and texture and reduce heat-induced protein coagulation.
UHT (Ultra – High Temperature) milk, cream and coffee creamers gain stability and shelf life by treatment with JOHA® specialties. Our products contribute to consistency and texture while reducing heat-induced protein coagulation. In non-dairy coffee whiteners, a phosphate buffering system contributes to stability and prevents feathering and fat separation when the coffee whitener is added to the hot acidic coffee medium.

Contact us to find out how we can assist with a customized solution to your toughest formulation challenges. Whether at your facility or ours, finding solutions is our job and our priority.

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Bekaplus® BEKAPLUS® food specialties cover a line of stabilizers based on hydrocolloid blends, agglomerated hydrocolloid phosphate blends and other components for improved functionality in meat, poultry, seafood and dairy related products.
Benephos® BENEPHOS® is a reduced sodium and increased potassium polyphosphate that offers a range of performance and nutritional benefits in beverage and dairy products, including increased potassium and reduced sodium.
Cal-Sistent® Cal-Sistent® is a micronized calcium phosphate distinctive in the marketplace with a narrow particle size distribution range. This size consistency provides favorable organoleptic properties, excellent suspension properties while not affecting flavor.
Dipotassium Phosphate (Food Grade) Dipotassium Phosphate is a key nutrient in the culturing of antibiotics, yeast and other fermentation processes. It is commonly used as a soluble buffer for coffee creamers. DKP buffers pH and interacts with milk proteins.
Disodium Phosphate (Food Grade) Disodium Phosphate (anhydrous and dihydrate) is multi-purpose food ingredient that finds application in many foods, including processed cheese and processed cheese products. Functions of DSP include; sequestrant, emulsifier, buffering agent, absorbent.
Joha® Specialties JOHA® emulsifying salts are well-known for the production of processed cheese and fresh cheese preparations. JOHA® Specialties are valuable tools used in sauces, soups, dips, sour cream, milk-based beverages, coffe creamers, yogurt and various desserts.
Licresse™ Licresse™ natural food ingredient is a licorice plant extract naturally high in antioxidants to inhibit oxidation in foods; nutritional value, color, flavor, shelf life and palatability are maintained. Formulation guidance is immediately available.
Sodium Polyphosphates (Food Grade) We have a complete line of sodium hexametaphosphates (SHMP) with varying average chain lengths for a multitude of food applications. Our specialty products include SODAPHOS®, HEXAPHOS® and GLASS H®.
Solva® SOLVA® salts are primarily used as emulsifiers in the production of processed cheese and fresh cheese preparations. They also increase the shelf life of these food products.
Tricalcium Phosphate (Food Grade) Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP) has many food applications as a nutrient source for calcium and as a flow aid. It is used as a calcium supplement in cereals, bakery mixes, flours, beverages, infant food, pet/animal food, and pharmacueticals.
Turrisin® Specialties These stabilizers for the dairy industry are based on phosphate and hydrocolloid blends where they protect milk proteins from heat induced denaturing. As a result product consistency, viscosity and mouthfeel of finished products are improved.