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Dentifrice solutions provide therapeutic, cosmetic and cleaning benefits.

Phosphates are used in a variety of dental applications. More effective dentifrices have been developed over the last two decades, combining therapeutic (anticaries), cosmetic (whitening, tartar control) and cleaning benefits.

ICL produces a complete line of calcium phosphate products that span a wide range of abrasive levels for use as polishing agents, including DCPD, DCPA and Lustre-Phos®. Pyrophosphates that exhibit anticalculus activity (tartar control) include TSPP, TKPP and SAPP. The polyphosphates STPP, SHMP and TSPP are used as whitening agents that improve the whiteness and brightness of teeth by removing surface stains. Other phosphates, including SAPP, TKPP, STPP and TCP, are currently being used in dentifrices, mouth rinses, floss and chewing gum for functions such as anticalculus activity and for protecting sensitive teeth.

Abrasive dentrifice solutions to meet your varying abrasivity needs.

Mouthwash and Rinses
Solutions for multiple mouthwash and rinse functions.

Tartar Control
Solutions for dentifrice tartar control formulations.

Whitening and Sensitive Teeth
Solutions for optimal dentrifice whitening and formulations for sensitive teeth.

Products in

Product Info
Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous DCPA Polishing agent in toothpastes.
Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate DCPD Polishing ingredient in toothpastes.
Disodium Phosphate Stabilization and process additive.
Lustre-Phos® It's a specially formulated dental abrasive that contributes to paste sheen and pleasant mouth feel. It provides more abrasivity than dicalcium phosphate dihydrate alone, maintains paste consistency, and is compatible with other toothpaste ingredients.
Madrells Salt Surface treatment in powder form. Insoluble in water. Also known as IMP, abrasive ingredient.
Monopotassium Phosphate Additive to fertilizer to provide phosphorus and potassium; potable water treatment; buffer systems: specialty ceramics.
Monosodium Phosphate Used in a wide range of industrial applications, including: water conditioner, acid cleaner, metal phosphatizing, cotton sulfur dyeing, electroplating buffer, dairy cleaner and feed supplement. Stabilization and process additive for toothpastes.
PHOSKADENT® KP Prevention of plaque.
PHOSKADENT® M Cleansing agents to prevent plaque.
PHOSKADENT® NA 211 Fluoridation of toothcare products.
PHOSKADENT® Pyro Dispersant and prevention of plaque.
PHOSKADENT® Pyro S Prevention of plaque, pH-adjustment
PHOSKADENT® SF Fluoridation of toothcare products.
PHOSKADENT® W Complexing ions, whitening effect.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Attributes: sequestration, deflocculation, infinitely soluble, corrosion inhibitor, and the chelation of calcium and iron.
Sodium Monoflourophosphate Flouridation of toothcare products.
Tetrapotassium Phosphate 63% Solution Stabilization and process additive.
Tricalcium Phosphate Flow control agent, anti-corrosion pigment, ceramic system filler. Functional addtive for some formulations for sensitive teeth.