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Tartar Control

Solutions for dentifrice tartar control formulations.
Tartar control agents help prevent both the formation of tartar, a mixture of calcium phosphates on organic matrices, and the deposition of plaque on teeth to form tartar (calculus). Plaque is a critical reservoir of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions needed for remineralization. Protease enzyme levels depend on individual physiology, a tartar control formulation is of interest to one segment of the consumer market. Pyrophosphates act to inhibit the crystal growth (deposition) of the minerals in the plaque on teeth by forming a soluble complex with the calcium in the plaque, and thus control the tartar formulation. Pyrophosphates are typically chosen as anticalculus agents in tartar control toothpastes.
Fluoridation and functional additives
High-purity and top-quality sodium fluoride (PHOSKADENT® SF) and sodium monofluorophosphate (PHOSKADENT® NA 211) are effective fluoridation agents which improve the acid resistance of the dental enamel and which support remineralization.
In addition, PHOSKADENT® NA 211 has a lower level of toxicity than pure sodium fluoride. PHOSKADENT® NA 211 can be effectively used in universal applications, but it is particularly suitable for the use of cleaning particles which contain calcium such as calcium phosphates and calcium carbonates. It guarantees that the toothpaste has a high level of storage stability. The products PHOSKADENT® Pyro, Pyro S and KP are effective agents to prevent the formation of dental calculus. As condensed phosphates, they complex calcium ions and therefore protect the tooth surface from unwanted deposits due to their dispersing effect.
​For special whitening toothpastes, PHOSKADENT® W supports the removal of colored surface layers on the dental calculus.
Stabilization and process additives
The product range is completed by a wide selection of defined phosphates as auxiliary materials in the production of toothpaste which are used to provide stabilization, to set the pH value and to control the viscosity.

Products in

Product Info
Dipotassium Phosphate Potassium orthophosphate of relatively high solubility. Use in antifreeze formulations, enamel production, paper processing, liquid fertilizers and potable water treatment among others.
Disodium Phosphate Stabilization and process additive.
Lustre-Phos® It's a specially formulated dental abrasive that contributes to paste sheen and pleasant mouth feel. It provides more abrasivity than dicalcium phosphate dihydrate alone, maintains paste consistency, and is compatible with other toothpaste ingredients.
Monopotassium Phosphate Additive to fertilizer to provide phosphorus and potassium; potable water treatment; buffer systems: specialty ceramics.
Monosodium Phosphate Used in a wide range of industrial applications, including: water conditioner, acid cleaner, metal phosphatizing, cotton sulfur dyeing, electroplating buffer, dairy cleaner and feed supplement. Stabilization and process additive for toothpastes.
PHOSKADENT® KP Prevention of plaque.
PHOSKADENT® M Cleansing agents to prevent plaque.
PHOSKADENT® NA 211 Fluoridation of toothcare products.
PHOSKADENT® Pyro Dispersant and prevention of plaque.
PHOSKADENT® Pyro S Prevention of plaque, pH-adjustment
PHOSKADENT® SF Fluoridation of toothcare products.
PHOSKADENT® W Complexing ions, whitening effect.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Attributes: sequestration, deflocculation, infinitely soluble, corrosion inhibitor, and the chelation of calcium and iron.
Sodium Monoflourophosphate Flouridation of toothcare products.
Tetrapotassium Phosphate 63% Solution Stabilization and process additive.
Tricalcium Phosphate Flow control agent, anti-corrosion pigment, ceramic system filler. Functional addtive for some formulations for sensitive teeth.