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Mouthwash and Rinses

Solutions for multiple mouthwash and rinse functions.
ICL has a full line of phosphates used in mouthwashes and rinses for functions such as anticalculus activity, sensitive teeth protection and removal of surface stains.

Products in

Product Info
Lustre-Phos® It's a specially formulated dental abrasive that contributes to paste sheen and pleasant mouth feel. It provides more abrasivity than dicalcium phosphate dihydrate alone, maintains paste consistency, and is compatible with other toothpaste ingredients.
PHOSKADENT® KP Prevention of plaque.
PHOSKADENT® Pyro S Prevention of plaque, pH-adjustment
PHOSKADENT® SF Fluoridation of toothcare products.
Sodium Monoflourophosphate Flouridation of toothcare products.