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Environmental, safety, health and security performance is one of the core values of ICL Performance Products.
ICL’s commitment to Sustainable Development and social responsibility is shaped by its strict interpretation of the chemical industry’s principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Care. ICL’s CSR initiatives are aimed at protecting the safety, health and security of its employees; assuring full compliance with all environmental regulations and standards; reducing the environmental impact of its operations; preparing for emergencies; managing products throughout the product life cycle; and conducting business in a transparent and accountable manner.

Among the principles formulated by ICL to implement its Sustainable Development policy are the following:
  • Managing the manufacture, distribution, use and treatment of its products in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Using resources efficiently and effectively, while minimizing waste
  • Adopting systems to identify, appraise and manage risk throughout the product life cycle
  • Ensuring appropriate safety and hygiene in the workplace
  • Developing environmentally safe and friendly products, production methods, treatment processes and distribution protocols
  • Creating procedures and systems for emergency situations
  • Encouraging transporters, suppliers and customers to focus on environmental issues 
  • Instilling Sustainable Development principles among employees 
  • Adopting international standards, including ISO, in the fields of environmental management and safety
  • Striving for continuous improvement while complying with the law