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ICL Performance Products Develops Improved Method for Preparing Modified Asphalt Binders

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
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Dan McLaughlin
ICL Performance Products

In a continuing effort to provide its customers with improved products and potential cost reductions, ICL Performance Products has developed an improved process for preparing asphalt binders containing SBS polymers and polyphosphoric acid. 

The new method involves the addition of crosslinking agents prior to incorporation of polymer and acid, and provides, when compared to traditional mixing orders, several important benefits, including higher stiffness and improved elastic properties. It also provides a more efficient use of modifiers.


These improvements are best demonstrated using the Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) test method. The two key parameters in MSCR are the percent recovery and non-recoverable compliance (Jnr).  When the new mixing technology is applied, significant improvement can be seen in both. The procedure also provides products with excellent homogeneity. The charts below show typical MSCR results and demonstrate the benefits of the new mixing order. 

This new method can be used to prepare finished products as well as concentrates. With its more efficient use of modifiers, customers could see improved product, potential cost reductions, or both.

This process is available to ICL’s customers under a license agreement. It is described in U.S. patent number 8,198,350, which is assigned to ICL. To customers that purchase Polyphosphoric Acid 105C or 115C, ICL confers a license giving these customers the right to practice U.S. Patent No. 8,198,350. Outside the U.S., a World Patent is pending under publication number WO2011/100033A1.

ICL Performance Products
ICL Performance Products (ICL-PP), one of ICL's core operating segments, produces and markets food and industrial grades of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts, specialty phosphates products and services for detergents, water treatment, construction, and paper, as well as food additives and hygiene products. ICL-PP's production facilities are located in Europe, North and South America, Israel, Australia and China. For more information, call toll free 800.244.6169 or visit

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