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Friday, October 28, 2011

​What are the benefits of using calcium or magnesium phosphates for mineral fortification in dairy / soy beverages?

​ICL offers calcium phosphates and magnesium phosphates that can be used for fortification of dairy and soy beverages. Our Cal-sistent® is a micronized calcium phosphate that is distinctive in the marketplace with a narrow particle size distribution range. This consistency in sizing provides favorable organoleptic properties and excellent suspension properties while not affecting flavor. Cal-Sistent lends itself to dairy and soy applications, nutritional supplements, confectionary applications, beverages and juices. MAG-NIFICENT® is an ideal source of magnesium and phosphorus in one food ingredient. Magnesium and phosphorus are essential minerals for both physical health and well-being. MAG-NIFICENT® finds application in infant formulas, geriatric beverages, nutritional supplements, vitamins and ready-to-eat cereals. Please contact our Food Specialists to discuss your applications.