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Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, December 08, 2011

​If an existing formula contains “baking powder”, how do I substitute sodium bicarbonate and specific leavening acids for the baking powder in the formula?

​Baking powders are composed of a combination of sodium bicarbonate, a leavening acid or acids and an inert filler such as cornstarch. There are many types of baking powder with different leavening acid combinations that are commercially available. Baking powders all contain about 30% sodium bicarbonate. The amount of leavening acid will vary depending on the neutralization value of the acid. The amount of cornstarch will vary to make a total of 100%. Based on the ingredient label it may be possible to make an educated guess about the composition of the baking powder. We can supply most of the leavening acids commonly used in baking powders. We will be glad to assist in leavening acid selection that will produce a match to your existing product.