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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not need a custom solution, you might find the information you require in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. ​These questions are answered by our experts. If you have a question for them, please fill-out the Ask The Experts form. If you didn’t see the answer to your question, please email us at or call (800) 244-6169 (or 314-983-7889 if outside the USA).
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Oct. 9, 2013

​What can be done to reduce NaCl in foods?

Our Salona™ low sodium sea salt is a natural mineral that is an effective tool for replacement of salt (NaCl) in food and beverage products.
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Aug. 7, 2013

​How do I choose the right phosphates for my process cheese or cheese sauce applications?

In process cheese and cheese sauce production, choosing the right emulsifying salts is critical to control the properties of the final products. The desired melting property, pH, cheese flavor, color or shelf life stability can be achieved by choosing the
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Mar. 27, 2012

​Does ICL have any leavening acids for reduced sodium baking?

The LEVONA® family of unique leavening acids provides controlled release and targeted rate of reaction.
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Mar. 27, 2012

​How can ICL products improve processed meat, poultry and seafood?

Our BRIFISOL® food phosphates and food specialties and our Nutrifos® line have been synonymous for decades with improved eating quality.
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Mar. 26, 2012

​Does ICL offer any products for noodles or pasta?

Yes, our MIANJIA™ family of Asian Noodle Specialty Products allows production of Asian noodles with better texture, enhanced color, improved consistency, better processability and an extended shelf life.
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Dec. 8, 2011

​What kind of technical literature is available from ICL Performance Products?

​ICL Performance Products makes available to its customer several technical bulletins and brochures discussing its products and applications.
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Dec. 8, 2011

​If an existing formula contains “baking powder”, how do I substitute sodium bicarbonate and specific leavening acids for the baking powder in the formula?

Baking powders all contain about 30% sodium bicarbonate. The amount of leavening acid will vary depending on the neutralization value of the acid.
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Dec. 7, 2011

What types of phosphates are available from ICL Performance Products LP?

I​CL Performance Products makes sodium and potassium salts of orthophosphate, pyrophosphate and tripolyphosphate.
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Dec. 6, 2011

​What are the differences between orthophosphoric acid and polyphosphoric acid?

​While orthophosphoric acid is made up of only individual PO4 units, polyphosphoric acid also includes long-chain polymerized units.
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